Online and Dynamic Mapping
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ONLINE & DYNAMIC MAPPING combines expertise in Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) and Web Graphic software such as Flash to provide interactive, engaging mapping solutions.

From sales presentations) to informative destination maps that can be customized to suit the interests of the user, our dynamic maps are used in a variety of applications from Real Estate to Travel & Tourism. Graphics can be used to highlight or animate travel routes and places of interest, or for business applications area coverage can be highlighted with hyperlinks to company data such as local offices, contact details or sales territories.

Interactive mapping enables the provider to maintain the map with the latest data and keep it entirely current. It also provides convenient ways to quickly and easily add new points of interest or other content. Digital maps are cost effective and offer opportunities for revenue generation through advertizing and sponsorship that can also be dynamic.

Map users can find the most current information and can focus on the specific information they are looking for. For example interactive tour maps are a popular way for visitors to pre-plan their itineraries in unfamiliar destinations.